marocharim's word collection

suggestion to a pogrom seeker

look how you build the walls
that i cannot climb or scale
entombing us in rocky halls
where an echo meets a wail
leaving us with our own cabals
now slaves: to whip and flail.

if you so choose to leave the flag
must you disavow your race;
in distant shores if you must brag
should your heritage be erased;
if scarves and suits replace your rag
and make aryan your brown face:

to your past, if you choose to be blind
you see but shadows that lurk within.
if you choose to leave all you are behind
you can’t part with the color of your skin.
in that ghetto you build in your mind
in your hands, the cuffs that drag you in.

ami halo closer*

ami halo closer
the more i take it in
the more i ever wonder
if you’re with me for all eternity.

the deepest sleep i ever had
stammering at every word
it makes me sad, and it makes me mad
that ami halo closer makes me feel all right.

* – amisulpride, haldol, clozapine

to a vagrant cooking dinner

in that can lay a dinner of noodles and peanuts.

an unfortunate instance of
malnutrition and hunger.

sufficient for the needs
of a poor homeless vagrant.
rotting in the streets for lack of a decent
roof above his head or food in the plate.
yet the embers keep burning, at least for this meal.

ill, sick, and hungry.

i took a peek at the dish and saw it lacked
garnish; but what would you do with it?
noodles and nuts are hors d’
oeuvres; such is a dish that is not
rich in nutrition or even taste.
even the poorest would hang on to
dignity, and not for this to happen.

yet i walked on, hoping that this would be
over soon, before a bout of conscience pulls me
under… too late, it already did.

i will

could you hold my hand?  could you walk with me?
could i take you to your door?

could i touch your face?  could i hug you so close?
could i walk with you along the shore?

could your kiss linger longer?  could you talk to me?
could you tell me you love me for sure?

could you dream of forever?  could you be with me always?
could you love me forevermore?

i will.


my story goes, as they all went
once a life cloaked in doom and gloom
heaven has opened, an angel made its descent
the first time i smelled your perfume.

what is about your aroma that chains me in torment
that every whiff has me consumed?
until that last moment, a life well spent
to bathe you in your own perfume.

yet lurking in the shadows, an evil portent
alone and unwatched, you assumed
as i watched in the darkness, much to my lament
another took in your perfume.

alas, the beauty there, i now resent
the wonderful smell turned into a putrid plume;
ah, to suffocate you with your own scent
and kill you with your own perfume.

* – written in reverse; inspired by “delilah” by tom jones, sang by the neighbors next door.  please stop singing karaoke at 2 in the morning.  – marocharim

3/365, zero visibility

go forward, too fast
over the gully you go
fog can make you blind.


the statues come crashing down to the floor
where they all used to worship your name
the pages get torn and burned from the books
where they all once read everything you said;
when you take that long, shameful walk to the door
set apart from all your gold, glory, and fame
your worshippers and followers all give you evil looks
and wish that you were tortured, maimed, dead.

where once you saw yourself as the godhead
a king surrounded by pawns, knights and rooks
victim to an awakening; an inextinguishable flame
that reveals you not to be a savior but a whore.
when you’re left with ruins, without brick or thread
and your broken body hanging on gallows by hooks
desecrated, blasphemed, your living remains maimed
you were once admired; now you’re abhorred.

2/365: dew

on a chilly dawn
drops of water from thin air
bathe a blade of grass.

1/365: fireworks

glowing in the night
the sparks glimmer like bright stars
and die like fireflies.

tinsel palace (a study in haiku rhythm 2)

in tinsel palace
i got the best gift of all
when the girl i love
gave me her best, sweetest yes.

right on christmas eve
from far away miles and roads
the woman i love
told me that she loved me too.

when the lights go out
i’m so happy i’m in love
and she loves me back.