to a vagrant cooking dinner

by Marocharim

in that can lay a dinner of noodles and peanuts.

an unfortunate instance of
malnutrition and hunger.

sufficient for the needs
of a poor homeless vagrant.
rotting in the streets for lack of a decent
roof above his head or food in the plate.
yet the embers keep burning, at least for this meal.

ill, sick, and hungry.

i took a peek at the dish and saw it lacked
garnish; but what would you do with it?
noodles and nuts are hors d’
oeuvres; such is a dish that is not
rich in nutrition or even taste.
even the poorest would hang on to
dignity, and not for this to happen.

yet i walked on, hoping that this would be
over soon, before a bout of conscience pulls me
under… too late, it already did.